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Universal Remote Control By URC
What is Home Control?
Have you ever wished for a magic little box that controls everything in your home? Something that enables you to hear your favorite music anywhere in the house, watch
your favorite programs or videos, dim lights to match the mood, and shows you who is on your front doorstep — all from the comfort of your couch using a remote or your
Total Control from URC does all of this and more. We bring whole house control to life, making it personal for people and homes around the world — every day.
Why is Total Control the Answer?

Total Control is a family of innovative products that deliver newfound convenience, comfort and security. Designed for everyday living, you can easily control your
entertainment, lighting, climate and more. Consolidate your electronics into one easy-to-navigate menu — that sits on your handheld remote, smartphone, tablet or other
device. Then, enjoy simple control from anywhere around the house or around the globe. Total Control puts it all right in your hands.
Total Control IS for Every Family — and Every Budget.

If whole house control seems too complicated or too expensive, you should know that Total Control has changed the game. This is the only system that allows you to start
with a basic component controlling a TV, Blu-ray, Cable Box, and music with a remote or a mobile app, and grow into one-touch mastery of climate, lighting, and more —
all at an affordable price.
RTI's guiding passion is to create products that transform any home theater (or other audio/video system) into a truly pleasant experience - each
To us, a product that is usable, durable, and reliable is not good enough. We demand that the product experience not only be functional, but
also enjoyable. It is this philosophy that sets RTI apart from our competition.

RTI not only strives for excellence in the products themselves, but in everything we do. We believe our software tools should be professionally
designed - an integral part of the system, not an afterthought. We believe our technical support should be staffed with experienced,
knowledgeable personnel. We believe our service department should do whatever it takes to meet the needs of our customers. We believe in
continuously improving everything we do


You put the soul in your home. Now let RTI bring it to life with control systems so powerful, yet so intuitive in operation, that you become one with your surroundings.  From
home theater to state-of-the-art home automation, RTI control systems fill your world with music, movement and light. Technology that used to complicate, now delights, and
life is once again in harmony.  This is the RTI-enabled home:  an oasis where your needs are fulfilled through technology.  Where devices adapt to your needs, rather than
the other way around. And a world of pleasures can be summoned – instantly, effortlessly, with a simple touch

Home Automation

Managing the ever increasing technology options throughout the home can become overwhelming. RTI systems can put the homeowner back in command of these
technologies by bringing together control of electronics, whole house audio, lighting, security, and HVAC into one, simple interface. Whether in-wall or wireless, RTI products
offer tremendous flexibility, allowing for a control interface tailored to each homeowner’s automation needs and technical aptitude.

Home Theater

RTI control systems allow every member of the family to easily operate even the most sophisticated home theater. With one-touch control and automation of audio, video,
and lighting systems, RTI can eliminate the clutter and confusion of multiple remotes, so more time can be spent enjoying the home cinema experience.

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